Haghefilm H transparent 512x
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Full-service laboratory offering film processing, finishing and workflow consultation.

Haghefilm Digitaal has a wealth of experience to match processing to project aims, whether new production or archival restoration.

Our laboratory supports both analogue-to-analogue and analogue-to-digital workflows, with the possibility to record back out to film.

Our processes are optimised to all modern stocks, backed up with extensive knowledge of historic film properties and thorough chemical and sensitometric analysis.


Haghefilm H transparent 512x
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Haghefilm Digitaal is a specialist post production house and moition picture film laboratory offering end-to-end services, film restoration and consultation.

From pre-production testing and dailies processing, image and audio restoration, to deliverables, distribution, archiving and versioning, Haghefilm Digitaal delivers outstanding results tailored to your project.