Specialised in film and up to 4K restorations of nitrate and acetate archive material, with facilities for working with all formats and audio carriers, shrunken, faded, mouldy or damaged film, optical effects and pan separation prints.

Analogue and digital grading onsite, achieving accurate colour reproduction from tinted, toned and stencil coloured prints using state-of-the-art colour conversion techniques.

Haghefilm Digitaal has pioneered the art of precise colour emulation from historic film prints to produce ethically correct digital assets of analogue originals. With our motion picture film laboratory onsite, we create high quality restoration masters and prints in processes tailored to archival outcomes.

Inspection and repair
Scanning wet/dry, pin or sprocketless
Pan Separates
Combined prints
Fine Grain Masters
ArriLaser 35 mm film recorder
8 / 9.5 / 16 / 22 / 28 / 35 / 68 mm

Rewash and ultrasonic cleaning
Desmet colour for tint and tone
Grading and colour timing
Bespoke LUTs for historic films
DCP Delivery 2K / 4K
Archiving to LTO / HDD